Altum Umbrella Complete Threat Management

Managed IT Cloud Backup

Altum Unbrella delivers full spectrum protection from Malware, Spam, Cyrptolocker and variants.Altum Umbrella delivers unsurpassed security from all web based threat utilising a suite of industry leading solutions.


Altum Webroot

Next Generation End Point Security.


Real-time cloud-predictive virus protection

Fast scans and real-time protection that doesn’t sacrifice performance.

Won’t slow down your PC like a traditional Antivirus—tested faster than all major competitors.


Altum OpenDNS

Connection Based Defence.


Predict and prevent attacks before they happen

Block attacks before they reach your network.

Full threat and activity reporting shows you the potential security risks on your network


Altum MalwareBytes

Real-time Protection against malware and rootkits


Always on protection from scammers and hackers.

Proprietary technology protects Malwarebytes against malware's attempts to disable it, so you're always defended

Finds even deeply embedded rootkits


Altum ProPatching

Fully tested for your benefit.


Full lab based testing of all Microsoft patches and updates.

Automatic installation and reboot procedures means you don’t ever see the windows is updating screen when you turn on your PC so you can get right to work.





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