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Managed IT provide straightforward backup solutions that cover everything from simple backups, to disaster recover and business continuity.  All solutions are based on a combination of on-premise and cloud solutions. We call this full range of backup solutions Altum.


In summary the solutions involve:


  • On Premise backup and image replication

  • Off Premise Cloud backups and image replication

  • Optional redundacy and mirroring with failover to onpremises

  • Optional failover to the cloud.


Is Backup an Issue ?

Cut out the unnecessary risk of a data-loss disaster that could devastate your business.


One of the most important and often neglected areas of business protection, a business continuity and disaster recovery solution such as Altum, provides you with the ability to recover quickly and easily from hardware failure or data loss with local and cloud virtualisation of your protected servers.


Altum Integrate comes with built-in malware protection, backup verification, scheduling and reporting tools, a web-based management interface and many more advanced features. 

Packed with features to make your life easier:


  • Instant onsite and offsite virtualisation

  • Backup verification

  • Inverse chain technology

  • Speedy restores

  • Ease of use

  • Web management interface

  • Spam and malware protection

  • Scheduling and reporting tools

  • Advanced deduplication

  • Multiple domain support

  • Local compression

  • Automatic retry/repair of failed backups




The Altum Effect

Every second it takes to recover your critical data after a disaster can mean the difference between survival and closure. Altum was designed with this in mind. With Altum, you can be confident your business is protected.

Instant Onsite and Offsite Virtualisation

Two replications mean double the protection of most business continuity solutions. The protected servers are replicated to the Altum appliance at your premises (onsite). The Altum appliance has built-in protection against spam, viruses and spyware. Altum backup files are written in Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) format, encapsulating the entire server environment in a file for rapid restore. The protected servers are also replicated to a secure data centre via an encrypted channel in the cloud (offsite). The offsite VMDK files are always ready to be booted for a rapid and automated restore, with no wait-time for file conversion needed.


Worry Free Solution


  • No complexity: Altum is a purpose-specific solution that operates on clear and proven processes, taking away the complexity expected of most business continuity solutions.

  • Affordable: Our flexible pricing options means Altum is highly affordable for every organisation, taking away the stress of a capital expenditure and the risk of a costly recovery process.

  • Monitored and Managed: Your backups are remotely monitored and managed by the certified technical experts in our Support Centre, alleviating your worries and freeing up your time.

  • Visibility and Control: Although we monitor and manage the solution, you can still log in via your own online portal for full visibility and control of your backups. With “Screenshot Verification” you can check the success of your backups to put your mind at ease.


Inverse Chain TechnologyAltum streamlines the backup process using Inverse Chain Technology, ensuring the most recent backup is always kept to the front of the series of stored backups. This technology takes the data directly from the server and creates a virtual machine (VM) for each backup. This direct process reduces the risk of damage to your data, as the base image is always the newest, and since each backup is a VM there is no need fora conversion process to occur before a restore.


Use your Virtualised Environment for ExperimentationYour Altum virtualised environment is the ideal place to test new applications and patches or to carry out employee training without impacting your live production environment.



Why Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?


93% of companies that suffered data loss for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within a year of the disaster.Source: National Archives & Records Administration, Washington. 

If you have valuable, irreplaceable data that is critical to the running of your business, you need backup and you need to be able to restore it quickly in the aftermath of a disaster.

At what point is the survival of your company at risk?

40% said 72 hours, 21% said 48 hours, 15% said 24 hours. Source: Ontrack Cost of Downtime Survey Results, 2001. 

Common causes of data loss:

  • User error

  • Malware

  • Hard drive failure

  • Theft

  • Flood or fire

  • Power failure or surge 


Still using Tape Backups?

Tape backups are expensive, tedious and vulnerable to human error with a failure rate of over 75%. In a disaster situation significant downtime is incurred rebuilding a server and restoring data from a tape backup system.


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