Our Cloud Services 


Cloud services is accessible to all businesses regardless of size.  Managed IT deliver both public and private cloud services through our Altum range to all sizes of businesses.  A great starting point for any business is Microsoft Office 365 which provides significant real benefits allowing businesses to share and collaborate anywhere and anytime.


With regard to broadband speeds, some cloud services require more than others.  We work with customers nationwide with different broadband speeds from 1Mb to 100Mb from many suppliers.  We will tailor your cloud service to work with the broadband available in your area.


The great thing about cloud computing is it is all delivered as a monthly cost, with no capital expenditure


More About Cloud...

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Cloud Backup & DR


Our Altum Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions keep all your data safe and backed up

Cloud computing, also referred to as 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) provides businesses with software that is hosted online and accessed through a web browser from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Cloud Computing is also a business model as well as a technology. Providers of cloud computing solutions charge a monthly fee based on usage. Since multiple businesses will be subscribing to the same software or services, the resources will are shared and so are the costs.


Traditionally a company will purchase software upfront but with Cloud Computing you simply rent the software or service for a monthly fee.  You are probably familiar with cloud computing already. If you have used a gmail or hotmail to access email through a web browser then you have already taken advantage of cloud computing.

Business are leveraging the cloud to improve their efficiency. You don't have to transition to the cloud in one step. Cloud computing can be adopted incrementally, such as cloud security, cloud backup and collaboration.


Contact us at Managed IT today to see how are cloud offerings can add value to your business.  More and more small businesses are utilising some form of cloud solution, whether that be virtual machines that can be spun up on demand or applications that can be easily procured and put into use.


While cost is still a main motivator for moving to the cloud, many companies say that cloud is simply a better option for a number of reasons, implying that companies are enjoying the flexibility that cloud brings and the capacity for exploring new avenues through the use of cloud resources.



Cloud offers many benefits to small businesses including


  • Adaptable IT - only pay for what you need now

  • Flexible – you can easily increase/decrease server power and capacity

  • Quick to deploy – get the extra disk space you need in minutes not days

  • Go-anywhere IT – it’s always there, wherever you are

  • Hassle-free IT support – someone else manages the servers, the security and the upgrades


Utilising cloud computing also changes the procurement process, as cloud by its nature is an op-ex cost. Beyond procurement, companies are experiencing changes in policies and procedures, IT department structure and operations, and the use of outside companies.


A limiting factor in Ireland to cloud computing is the speed and quality of the broadband connection.  Managed IT will work closely with you to ensure Cloud will deliver to your business.t

E-Mail Spam Security


Altum Safemail offers protection from email spam and the dangers of malware and virsues.  Safemail+ offers email archiving, search and compliance.

Anti-Virus Protection


Altum Guardian offers cloud based Anti-Virus protection for all your devices and servers

Cloud Computing


The Microsoft Azure Cloud platform will grow and expand as and when your business requires it.

Cloud Collaboration


Microsoft Office 365 is best collaborating and sharing resource for any business.

Firewall Security


Altum Gateway delivers a managed firewall solution to businesses.  Gateway+ offers additional services including content filtering.