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Of all the IT solutions going to the cloud, your phone system makes the most sense.  We can provide a next generation phone system, savings from 40% on your current phone costs, and benefit from all new features such as voice to email, call recording, soft phones. We can provide a no obligation quotation...

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Why Choose a next generation phone system from us?


Managed IT in partnership with IP Telecom will provide your business with the best technical solution to suit your requirements. We take into consideration all your business telecoms and business telephony needs and wants and work with you to roll out the correct SIP or Hosted PBX solution to match.


Your business may be best suited with our scalable Hosted PBX VOIP solution which grows with your business and not only gives you Free Calls between your multi-location branch/office but also enables you to replicate your extension on an Unlimited number of Devices per user; smartphone, SIP desk phone, tablet, SIP application on PC. All of this with no line rental charges and a fixed monthly charge make Managed IT’s Hosted PBX VOIP solution the right IP telephony fit for your business.


Alternatively you may simply have an existing SIP enabled PBX that you wish to to put your VOIP voice traffic over the Managed IT network and avail of our fantastic call charge rates. SIP Trunks or SIP Trunking also means eliminating costly line rental charges. With an Managed IT SIP Trunk you get no fixed monthly charges, no contract duration, no limit to the number of simultaneous calls you can make. Simply pay for whatever VOIP calls your business makes.


Line rental charges are associated with the traditional phone line types; ISDNs, PSTNs, FRA(Fractional Rate Lines) PRI(Primary Rate Lines). With a business VOIP solution from Managed IT you can eliminate many, if not all, of these types of charges while embracing new cutting edge SIP technology to drive your business forward as business IP telephony and business mobile IP telephony and SManaged ITs change with the times.


Managed IT can assist you with moving your existing telephone numbers and direct dial numbers over to our VOIP network at no cost from your existing telecoms provider. We will manage this process for you to ensure Zero downtime is experienced.


Contact us today to learn more about which VOIP or SIP Managed IT solution is right for your business.


Multi-user, Multi-site Cloud Hosted PBX from as little as €3 per user per month


  • No costly PBX equipment on site

  • No ongoing maintenance costs

  • VoIP Providers Web Portal access

  • Multi Featured Hosted PBX VoIP

  • Unlimited* Free Local, National & UK VoIP Calls

  • Unlimited Devices per user; smartphone, desk phone, tablet, PC

  • Voicemail to Email, Fax to Email

  • Unlimited Free Calls between your multi-location branch/office


Call Recording


Record, Playback, Manage with Managed IT Hosted PBX


Call Recording Services:

Managed IT Call Recording gives our Hosted PBX customers the option to record phone calls and extract the recordings. Managed IT hosted call recording is a business based service that can be added to any user’s profile without any additional hardware required.


All Managed IT Call recording customers will get a listing of all their recordings that they can download. This produces quick and simple management of all your recordings. And an additional plus is, as we manage everything in the cloud there is no extra equipment needed at your premises.


The smart choice for your business:


With Managed IT Hosted PBX call recording storage, every customer interaction with your business is simply recorded and stored in the Managed IT Cloud for a period of time. Our call recording storage delivers a complete recording storage facility, providing businesses with operational flexibility and a solid system resiliency.


Our call recording storage is suitable for all businesses that have not got the time, expenditure or employees required for managing call recording records in-house. There is no hidden costs or enormous expenditure needed; pricing is simply based on the volume of storage you use.


Managed IT Hosted PBX call recording storage can be installed quickly, often within 24 hours.


Call recording storage has now become a major element for small to mid-size businesses, enterprises, and even call centers.  Managed IT reliable, flexible offering consists of quality monitoring and secure, protected servers in our data center.

Complete Care Support


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