Managed IT Technology Roadmap (MTR)


The above items are fundamental drivers within most commercial business. They underlie key business objectives and your mission statement. Our Managed IT Technology Roadmap (MTR) underpins our ability to deliver to your business drivers, and to adjust as your business needs change. The ability to plan ahead, and to be equally nimble in our delivery provides real business advantage.



Regardless of your business objectives & drivers Managed IT has key objectives in providing technology infrastructure services and solutions to your business. These under-pin our approach within your business:


  • Plan – we make sure our planning and objectives are in line with your business needs & drivers; we act as your trusted advisor in the technology infrastructure area;


  • Reduce Risk – we proactively manage your technology investment and reduce your down-time;


  • Investment – our approach is both agnostic and based on best of breed solutions; we aim to ensure that you get return on your technology investment and that you invest where you need to;


  • The ‘Sliding Window’ approach – is the window of current technology; ahead of the window is leading (or bleeding) edge; behind the window, you lose the ability to upgrade easily;  being ‘in’ the window means that as technology moves, you can stay within the window, upgrading components whilst the rest of the environment is up-to-date;


  • Innovation – we balance our ‘Sliding Window’ approach with the ability to react quickly to change, and to provide innovation to your business; we manage this using our Managed IT Technology Roadmap (MTR), tailored specifically to your business.



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