Ruckus Zone Director App for iPAD



ZoneDirector Remote is a groundbreaking application that monitors and configures Ruckus ZoneDirectors and Access Points. Users of this application will now be able to perform basic configuration on the go, using a Tablet, without having to carry a bulky laptop.


Monitor your ZoneDirector and Wi-Fi deployment directly from your iPad. ZoneDirector Remote (ZDR) 9.7 is a mobile application designed to simplify the management of the ZoneDirector using an iPad for routine & frequently used tasks. Quickly see which APs are up, which clients are logged on, which devices are most heavily loaded, and how much traffic is on the network.


You can easily configure the widgets to only show information you are interested in seeing. Real time logs are available that allow you to search and filter by keyword making in the field analysis even easier. As traffic and usage is moving from laptops to handheld devices, now is the time to manage your network in the same way. Leave your laptop and Ethernet cables alone and perform most of the routine tasks using this mobile application. Simply pinch and zoom to bring the widgets into focus so you can see even more data.


ZDR is an easy way to navigate Bonjour rules or generate and distribute guest passes on the go via the application and simply mail or SMS them to clients, contractors, or guests. Real time monitoring makes ZD memory, CPU cycles, and packets tx/rx available in the palm of your hand and much more.


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