Ruckus Wi-Fi for Nursing Homes

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Wi-Fi that works and always works is a great asset to any nursing home


Managed IT are the largest suppliers of Wi-Fi to the education sector in Ireland.  So what has that to do with Nursing Homes ? Nursing homes are in so many ways similar to schools from a Wi-Fi perspective.  We want do deliver the innovation, great pricing and configurations that we know so well in education to the nursing home sector.


Managed IT partner with Ruckus the leading Wi-Fi solution in Ireland. Ruckus provides great coverage, maintenance free, password free secure Wi-Fi.  Nursing homes can deliver Wi-Fi to not only the residents but also the administration and guests if required.


Why Use Wi-Fi in a Nursing Home?

  • Full coverage of the whole nursing home for Wi-Fi

  • Access for Residents to Wi-Fi for iPads/Slates

  • Facilitate families to Skype/Video conference in

  • Provide visitors with Wi-Fi to show online photos/videos and keep the kids entertained.

  • Wi-Fi access for staff and administration

  • Wi-Fi utilisation for CCTV, Telephony and Monitoring

  • Medical monitoring utilisation of Wi-Fi



Ruckus Wi-Fi Delivers


  • Consistent, reliable connectivity no other Wi-Fi system can touch

  • Higher coverage and faster Wi-Fi performance

  • Easiest and lowest maintenance of any Wi-Fi

  • No requirement for Wi-Fi passwords

  • Highest level of security and data protection

  • Full BYOD, MDM and GeoFencing Support

  • Full 5 year support and warranty


Managed IT can promise that we will deliver a wireless solution to your nursing home that is of the highest quality, works perfectly all the time, will require no administration.  We will also provide all documentation from a security, compliance and data protection perspective to your management team.


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